Punk Style
Couldn't find a punk blog so I took the liberty of making one myself(: I don't claim to be some punk expert at all (far from it). I just like the look and music. So yeah, this is just some stuff I deem (with my very loose terminology) to be "Punk Style" It's kinda a mix between the actual punk, fashion punk, rock, glam rock, grunge, general leather, studs and stuff. But yeah, hope you like it(: And this is my main blog (kinda a prettier version of this) if you wanna follow by any chance: piscesism.tumblr.com (can not figure out how to set a link here, keeps screwing up, sorry)
Punk Style

Sex Pistols
Hello (:
Q: Hello ! i'm just doing project about social groups and sub- cultures and i would like to ask you about the clothing stuff. It's really significant for my work so please let me know if you are able to answer some questions ! Waiting for your response !
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